Gov. Walz and his friends are relying on magic and fairy dust to implement their Green New Deal in MN. ✨🧚‍♀️✨ They just admitted it! ⤵️

“‘We don’t have a total clear direction on how we get there by 2050,’ said John Marshall, Xcel’s community relations director. But he added that the company anticipates it will need to rely on technologies that don’t yet exist — at least not on a large scale — in order to get there.”

Get ready for your electricity bill to skyrocket! 🚀

Minnesota pledges 100 percent carbon-free energy. Is it possible?

Minnesota already has a 25 percent renewable energy mandate, and close to half of the state’s electricity comes from carbon-free sources: renewable energy, which mostly comes from wind but also solar and hydroelectricity; and non-renewable nuclear, which doesn’t give off carbon.